Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One big catch up post!

So, for that long over-due post.
First, this past weekend was a blast.
Karl, the kids, Julie, and I went to Indiana from Thursday to Sunday.
Karl surprised me by not going in to work on thursday and cleaning our house and packing us up before I even woke up! What a man!
We had a parade, cook out and fireworks on Friday, and another cook out and fireworks show Saturday.
Friday was spent with my Dad's side of the family following tradition.
Ethan loved the parade!

IMG_3620 copy
IMG_3732 copy

He had his first icee pop, and bomb pop. We didn't collect any candy though - he's still not had any yet.
Needless to say he LOVED the popsicles.

IMG_3712 copy
IMG_3765 copy

He also loved the fireworks. We were nervous on how he'd react...
But the whole time he said "wow" and "ooh".
We ended the day totally worn out and exhausted.

IMG_3826 copy
At the cook out Ethan and Karl played ball

IMG_3850 copy
And ethan specializes in personal training - Here he is making Julie do crunches.
He pulls/pushes her back and forth.

IMG_3793 copy
Tired boy

IMG_3843 copy
Grandpa Joe

Saturday, we went with my family to my Grandpa's best friend's cabin on this little lake in central/northern Indiana.
His son is a pyrotechnic and has an AMAZING fireworks show every year over the lake.
It is literally the best firework show that I've ever seen.
I didn't go but they do boat rides, and tubing too. It's a fun day.

IMG_3993 copy
IMG_4066 copy
IMG_4074 copy
My Grandpa
IMG_4201 copy
My dad is such a softie
IMG_4258 copy
Ethan pouches his food, here he is with a mouthful.
IMG_4230 copy
The fireworks
IMG_4403 copy

IMG_4443 copy

Sunday my mom came back home with us because she moved in!
She accepted a position at an urgent care being an office manager/nurse Monday-Thursday.
So she'll be here Sunday night through Thursday mornings.
It's really nice.
We set her up in the studio.

IMG_3449 copy

IMG_3451 copy

The rest of her family will be following shortly if everything goes smoothly.
I'm really pumped about the prospect of my family living near us.

IMG_3622 copy
IMG_3664 copy

In other news, I got an amazing sewing machine!
This is it:
it's seriously fabulous and the best sewing machine I've ever used to date.
I'm in love with it and plan on using it to sew my kids cloth diapers, and may even start dabbing in to making their clothes.
I might even start selling a few things here and there on Etsy.com
We'll see!
I am going to the fabric store to buy some fabric to try out a new clothie pattern.
I hope that they turn out!
Here is what the basic design looks like:


Also, Ethan is officially 18 months!
Can you believe it? I can't.
My boy is officially 18 months old. I can not believe my first born is a year and a half already. They're not lying when they say kids grow up fast...

About my beloved boy:

Words he can say:
mm-mmm (for yummy food)
'non-non'-all done
daddy-points to self
'ee-he'-no idea!! sometimes it means 'sissy'
oh, no!
'boo'-cow moo
'snort sound'-piggy
'woo-woo-woo'-doggy sound

Favorite Toys:
any mode of transportation (ie: cars, trains, boats, etc)
drums, all though not as often as he use to. He likes to air drum now.
cell phones. He often calls people on mine.
books, crayons, computer keyboards.

His Friends:
Abbi and Tate - Babysitting kids
Amelia - Kasey's little girl
Daddy - of course
The dogs

Favorite TV shows:
The Bunny Show
Jacks Big Music Show

Favorite Food:
Soy Hot Dogs
Grapes, water melon, strawberries
Anything Carb

Interesting Facts:
He is bow-legged, and pidgin toed
He hobbles when we walks
He has his daddies toes and hair line to a "T"
He has to buckle the clip on his booster seat EVERYTIME he gets down from it
Daddy has put him to bed every night since he was 4-5 months old
He loves music more than any baby I've ever met - he already air drums on rhythm!
He will drink a gallon of juice a day if you'd let him, and hates water unless it's out of a water bottle.
He is vegetarian
Mom accidently cut a 'step' on the side of his head when buzzing his hair
He has had 4 different roommates in his life thus far: Michelle, Ashelia, Julie, and now his Grandma
He is just learning how to jump, and can only manage to get one foot off of the ground at a time

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