Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whew! things have been busy around here.
Our foster son is out of the honeymoon phase as of yesterday and things are a little chaotic.
But, we're looking to get him some speech therapy and I think that might help a bit.
I'm thinking that part of his disobedience and some of the parts that frustrate us about him are due to him not fully understanding what we're saying or asking of him.
We're also enrolling him in Preschool in the fall.
I think it'll be good for him.
Him and Ethan are also going to go to daycare two 1/2 days a week over the summer.
I have more weddings that I don't think I could handle with them around 24 hours a day.
So I'm giving myself two 1/2 days with just evelyn (God willing she'll let me work!) to get that kind of stuff done.

Evelyn is still not walking, and acting like a total baby - but I'm fine with that!
The Doc said that she probably wont walk for a few more months because she has really loose ligaments in her ankles and her feet.
I say she's holding out until her sister is home so they can learn together!

Bean Burritos!



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