Monday, May 25, 2009

New Pictures!

This is going to be a little hurried, I have my husband and 3 kids waiting outside the door to go for a walk.
But, I had to share!
We got an update and two new pictures of Olive from Christina!
"Olive is so very sweet, she was smiling at us but everytime I held up the camera she would stop smiling and stare at it LOL. She has so much potential, I know she will blossom when she gets home! :) The facilitator held her while I took the pictures, and I still think she is about Emerson's size, probably about 17-18 lbs or so."

Isn't she SO beautiful!?!
I about jumped out of my skin.
I can't stop looking at her!

We recently got a large donation from friends in to our Family Sponsorship Profile on RR. Thank you Nate, Emily and Carson!

So far we've achieved 17.79%! That's about $2725!
A chunk of that has cleaned out our savings though ;)

We're hoping to make about $4,000 from weddings this summer to put towards her adoption too.
That would leave us with 20 weeks to raise $8,610 in other ways.
I think we could pull out of our budget about another $1,000 of that.
Leaving about $7610 for purely fundraising... that's $380.50 a week! yikes!

But, I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again - it's going to have to be a GOD THING, and it couldn't be better any other way!

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And patiently waiting... said...

She is beautiful!! What a joy she is going to be! So glad things are gong well for you!!