Saturday, May 16, 2009

A new foster placement.

We have a dream placement this weekend!
He has just turned three, and doesn't speak too much english.
I have no idea why he's in care, I don't know anything at all really.
All I know is that his mom needed respite, and he's been an angel so far.
Mind you, there are challenges (like screaming for a half hour terrified to go to bed in our house, not having a clue what he's saying or wanting, and him not being able to obey us fully because I don't think he understands what we're saying) but for being in foster care - he's wonderful!
He's calling us mom and dad already, and plays with the kids really well.
He's adjusting just fine in less than 24 hours!

We're still in the honeymoon phase though, and most kids will eventually test every fiber of your parental being as soon as that phase is over...
But, if he stays like this - I would keep him with out blinking an eye!
None the less, he's going back to his foster mom on Monday.

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