Monday, May 11, 2009

A little update!

I love getting any little bit of information on Olive as I can.
It's so encouraging, to remind me that she really is real, and I really am going to be her momma.
But, it's hard too - because I know that she's not living as well as she could be.
And I already have that momma bear instinct over her, and I just want to jump on a plane today and go get her!
But, I know we can't - and updates are as close and I can get to her.
And so, I am very, very thankful to know anything about her.

Here is the update I got today:
Olive did not go to her cardiology appointment in December because she had chicken pox.
Her new appointment is scheduled for May 14th. As soon as the report is avaliable, I'll get the updated info.
As far as her development goes, she is still not sitting up or trying to crawl. She was examined by an orthopedic doctor today and xrays were done to ensure that nothing is wrong with her hips. She was given the "all clear", so there is no reason why she can't learn to sit, crawl and eventually walk. She has recently started interacting with people and her environment and is starting to show an interested in toys and people. So, she is progressing....just slowly.
Our facilitator said that she'd send some photos and another update after the cardiology appointment. So, I'll let you know as soon as I hear more.

There is another mom I've been talking with that is in her country RIGHT NOW! meeting her little one later this week.
I am so excited for her, and am living vicariously through her right now.
She is going to try and get some video of Olive.
I think it might cause me a heart attack to actually see her moving, hopefully making some sort of noise, and looking at the camera.
I'm so excited to see new pictures of Olive.

We're also waiting to hear back about starting our home study this week.


Alice said...

I totally understand how you feel about seeing a video. When we got our video of Andreas, I didn't think my heart could take it. It was so amazing to see him move and smile and to hear his voice. I hope you get a great video, very soon!

ds.mama said...

Hi there,

It is wonderful what you are doing. Olive is beautiful and will thrive when she gets in your loving home. I have added you to my adoption blogroll.