Friday, February 5, 2010

Video :)

From the first night here :)

Olive is making emotional leaps and bounds!
She has learned how to cry when she misses one of us, or doesn't like what we're doing.
It's the saddest face I've EVER seen.
She also has learned that if she likes something, she should smile, laugh, or ask for more.
One thing she still hasn't gotten, is to cry when she is hurt.
She gave her self a bonk on the head this morning on the hard wood floors, and even I would have cried from it.
But, no response from her at all.
I'm confident she will learn that soon too.

She has been eating pretty well.
She refuses to eat if it's not pretty warm though.
We learned that the hard way, after we wasted two bottles. :)
We're going to take her out the first time as ours!
We are going to get an early dinner, and do some exploring.
We haven't had time to do that yet.
We have been too busy to do much of anything so far - but this weekend will be a wonderful time to catch up!

Karl got pooped on this morning! lol.
Olive pooped for the first time for us, and she has newborn poop in every way. And just like newborn poop - it leaked out of the top and sides of her diaper. Ohhhhh the days of having a 'baby' again! We did find out that size 4 diapers are HUGE on her. They looked ok until the poop. When I folded the diaper to be the right size - and she definitely wears a size 1, or 2.
We brought cloth diapers for her too - but those are most certainly too big. Maybe if we super, duper, super stuff them.

Olive got extremely mad at me this morning... I brushed her teeth, put her in the shower with me, and then cleaned her ears. She was pretty good while it was going on - even giggling in the shower. But when it was all said and done, she was way over stimulated, and cried when I looked at her... it took a nap and some cuddles to get her to 'forgive' me. But she's all smiles again.

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And patiently waiting... said...

I am thrilled for you! Everything is a baby just as you said. Seeing what she can do for the first time. :)Even when you adopt older kids it's still the same way!! Kristina took a long time to say ow if she got hurt. Jovan was right away. So happy for you!