Monday, February 8, 2010

Praying to leave Wednesday!

Karl is going to get the passport with Jasmina right now, and we have our physical exam for Olive tomorrow morning at 9:15. I have been trying to get ahold of the Embassy worker to set up our appointment with them around 11:15 - but haven't gotten through to him yet. Praying that we do soon! If he can get her Visa back to us same day (he said he was pretty sure he could) then we are going to plan on leaving Wednesday! Yay!

This weekend was a wonderful time of bonding with Olive.
Karl and I were talking - and we can both honestly say (and no, not just to put on a good face) that she already feels like our daughter to us through and through.
My heart melts and aches for her when she starts to pout, and I feel just the same about her as I did for my other kids shortly after their births. Her slobber and goobs don't even bother me ;)

I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more that God would allow my heart to be filled with maternal love for her regardless to what ever issues she may come with - and He has been so good to us!

He has shown us His favor through out this entire adoption - and we are so grateful and hope that you will see HIS Glory and Power in our story. Because none of it was done on our own strength.

Most of all I pray that you will see that if WE can do it - anyone can, with His help.

Honestly, we have a modest income, we are young, we don't have 'all our ducks in a row' (I wish!), we didn't always have much support in our decision, we have young children, and no special credentials to make us superb adoptive parents - and yet we've done it. And we've enjoyed it!

I pray that people will see the GREAT need for orphan care and adoption - and that people will step outside of their comfort zone and do something to further the Kingdom and provide for 'the least of these'.

I hope God will use our story to move people to change the life of 'one more' orphan at a time.

And I pray we get home soon!


soontobemomof9 said...

Wow, has it been that long already? How wonderful! Praying you home quickly and safely!!! :)

And patiently waiting... said... will be home before you know it!! Can't wait!!

saving said...

Thank you for giving me the password and letting me follow along. Olive is beautiful. Praise God she is getting such a loving family! I, too, pray that more people would "get it" and do something about the orphan crisis.

saving said...

Don't know why my previous comment and this one is posted from "saving"???

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