Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today is 2 weeks :)

Today is our two week anniversary of being in Serbia...
We have only known Olive for 12 days, but she already feels like my daughter.
It's pretty neat. I think she likes us too.

Today is SUPER windy outside, 30 something mph winds - so we're staying in.
Olive seems like she's worked out a bit of her anxiety about being in the apartment yesterday, lots of lovely teeth grinding, snorting, and sticking her had down her mouth.
Today she's doing much better - but it's been pretty low key.
She still grinds when she's bored though...
She gets upset when you don't pay attention to her, or if you try and leave her in the room by herself even for a few minutes.
I think she will REALLY enjoy having siblings - she shows a lot of interest and excitement when she sees other kids.

We weighed her today, and she is 18lbs. She was last measured at about 31" ... She is the length of an average 18 month old, and the weight of a 7 month old. I knew she was long and skinny, but it's strange to see it in those terms.

Oh, and one more thing - she is the FARTIEST baby ever!

We're praying for us that Olive's grinding, and over-stim behaviors won't bother us. We've been just fine so far, but hope to continue to be. And obviously, one step better would be for her to cope well, and not need them.

Now here to the pictures:

Playing on the floor the first night 'home'

This picture is a little hard to look at, because she's so tiny. But I wanted a picture to have reference of where we all started together- and to celebrate her chubbs when she gets them!

First shower :)

Pretty girl

Giving TaTa a RARE kiss

She still loves to slap daddy's head

Signing to be picked up...

Being silly on the couch..


soontobemomof9 said...

Playing catch up... She is so adorable and I am so happy that she is finally WITH YOU!!! Congratulations! :)

Andrea said...

If she's only had sponge baths before, maybe a play time in the kitchen sink might be great fun and a way to get more used to showers/bathing. I bet she fits!

I wonder if she's lactose intolerant with all the farting, too--G is, although she usually just urps it back up before it gets further, but that's one of the signs.

Amy L said...

These pictures remind me a lot of Elijah when I first got him from the orphanage. Such a tiny little thing he was too. She looks real comfortable wth you both and so happy. Her whole world has changed in a matter of a few days and look at the smile she has! Kids amaze me!

Mommy and Peepers said...

Wow, she's cute and so much like Josie. Josie even had thick hair growth down her back from being so thin. It's gone now. I fattened Josie up with avocadoes, her hair got so shiny and they have good oils for brain development. In fact, Josie will eat anything, but she got sick of them after a few months. Also try to get some hip helpers and make sure you get those hips xrayed. Her positions are very similar to J's. She's beautiful!! Expect more stemming, but work on a one or two at a time and she'll get over them. Hugs and Blessings, carolee.