Sunday, November 22, 2009

Praying this is the week.

I'm praying that this is the week that we're told the day to be in Olive's country.
If it's not - my heart just might break.
Every morning we have a chance of hearing traveling news, it feels like a first time mom going to the ER with pains - not sure if it's going to be 'the day' or not. It's nerve wrecking sitting on the monitors and waiting for the nurse to tell you if it's your lucky day - or if you're to go home and wait again.
When it's day after day, it gets maddening.
But, I am learning a lesson.
And apparently I haven't learned it well before - because God continues to test me and refine me in it.
That lesson is believing in His goodness, and that He's going to take care of me in the best possible way, even when my circumstances aren't what I want them to be.
I am not doing perfectly this round, but my response time of 'giving it to God' and turning my thinking around is getting quicker.
And for this I am thankful.

We're praying that Olive's social worker will answer her phone - or give our facilitator a call back.
This is the only thing that stands between our little girl meeting her family or continuing to wait.


soontobemomof9 said...

Praying! When there is nothing you can do, but wait... it does get so maddening!

At least THEY are not celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Ever thought you would be thankful for that?! :)

Amy L said...

I'm praying too! Olive needs to come home to her family!!

And patiently waiting... said...

You sound like how I was!! God is good and in control of timing!! Follow God's lead..he's got Olive in His hands!! There is a reason.. Praise God!! We are waiting right there with you!!! And praying for you!!