Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not what I hoped to hear...

We found out today that Olive's social worker has been out of the office, and won't be back to work until this Thursday.
So, until Thursday - there is nothing our facilitator can do to move us forward and get us a travel date.
We're praying she'll call bright and early Thursday morning, and that Olive's worker will relay that her paperwork is all done and ready to go. And that J will request a travel date for us Thursday or Friday.
Of course this is an unlikely scenario (when you're talking international adoption) - but God is big! And He's done a whole lot of these unlikely things for us so far.
We are praying that we will still travel in November, and at worst the first days of December.
Lord, please hear our prayers and give us our desires!

Olive had a cardiologist appointment scheduled for this past Friday.
I've asked if we might be able to know the results.

So, hopefully we'll hear some great news at the end of this week.

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