Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not today

We were told that our facilitator was not able to work today due to a death.
She plans on calling Olive's social worker tomorrow morning (around 2-4AM Michigan time!)
We're praying that Olive's social worker is at work - that she answers her phone - that she tells J that Olive's paperwork is ready to go - and that it's done correctly.
We're praying that Jasmina can push to get us a travel date soon (preferably tomorrow!) that will allow us to travel before the end of the year.
If this happens, H1N1 is a threat in Olive's region - and there will have to be accommodations to protect the children and workers.
This may mean very limited supervised visits, possibly at an off-campus location.
It may cut down on the time of our adoption process, or it may delay it all together.
We're praying that H1N1 will not impact our adoption in any negative manner, that the children and workers will be protected, and that we will have a wonderful experience while we're there, limited initial visits or not.

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soontobemomof9 said...

I will pray before I go to bed! I can't wait to see her home, she is so cute!

How is your matching grant raising going? I FINALLY got our letters mailed today.... 105 of them! It took me forever to come up with that many names. I have 20 letters printed off so hopefully I can come up with 20 more. I didnt' send them to people in our church, as the church is small and the congregation is aware and working on fundraising! :) Anway, just curious how your process was coming.

Are you on the RR group? Who are you on there?