Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm really missing my girl.
Everyday that we get closer to a possible travel date, it gets harder..
Especially because we may not even travel this year yet.
It's like knowing that you are going to have a baby soon, but just aren't sure when you're due - even though you look and feel like you could pop any day.
I was watching Joyce meyer today and she described how God can change your life in just one day.
How you could be struggling with something day after day with no real idea when or if it will ever stop..
And then all of the sudden God answers or moves and that problem or struggle is just no longer there.
You can go to bed trying to deal with that issue on your heart - day after day.
And then just all if the sudden it's over, it's not a problem any longer, your relieved and you never even saw such joy coming your way.
Lord I pray that that day will be coming for is shortly. We miss our little girl, and pray that you will give us the relief of going to get her this month. Amen.

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