Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We were really hoping to travel this year.
And we've come so close to the wire that every little thing may literally make the difference between travel this year or next.
Olive's social worker had done some of her paperwork incorrectly.

Luckily our facilitator will be meeting with her this coming Monday to make sure those things are corrected, and that all the paperwork is done correctly.
We're praying that she will do all of Olive's paperwork correctly, and quickly.

We are also waiting on our dossier to be translated, and submitted for approval by the adoption officials.

The timing of this, along with Olive's social worker will determine if our daughter will come home before the Holidays - which we so obviously desperately want.

We are asking the Lord to have his hand in every detail - and petitioning that our daughter home before the year's end.

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soontobemomof9 said...

I will be praying little Olive home!!!! Oh to have her home before Christmas would be perfect! I so understand the overwhelming desire my friend! ... and to be so close makes these little setbacks huge and painful! Just remind yourself God is in control, He's got this and she will be coming home!