Friday, October 23, 2009

The meeting went well

The meeting between our facilitator and Olive's social worker went well.
I was told "everything is back on track with Olive's paper work."
For this, I am glad!

We also got a call from LifeSong for Oprhans this week.
We applied for a $1,000 matching grant and a no-interest loan for the rest of our funds incase we're unable to raise them. (Better to be safe than sorry!)
They have preliminarily approved our application, and it is going for Official Approval now.
We should hear not this coming Thursday, but NEXT Thursday on what they've decided.
We're cutting it pretty close there if we're able to travel this year still - but I have faith in God and His timing.

The hat fundraiser is going well - and we are thankful!
We only have $5,187 to go, even with that last minute additional fee!

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soontobemomof9 said...

That is wonderful!!!!! Congratulations! You will be holding this little sweetheart in your arms and not just your heart before you know it!