Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kiddo Update...

Evelyn had her 18 month appointment today.
I can't believe how quickly time has been flying by.
I feel like an awful mother for not journaling more of my little one's lives this far.
Life has been far too busy.
I can't wait for Olive to be home so that way we can chill out on all of our commitments and all of this paperwork/etc. will be over.
I'm looking forward to, and hope that life will slow down a little bit then.

Evelyn weighted 20 pounds, and had to get 5 shots today.
She has had a respiratory issue for the last 10 days or so, and we had to get a script for breathing treatments.
This is the first time she's ever had to have any type of medicine, except for motrin/tylenol.
She was very freaked out and unhappy about her shots, and later, her breathing treatment.

She just started walking a couple weeks ago.
She walks like a little T-rex, toddling about with her arms crinkled up close to her body, and waddling back and forth.
She isn't quite steady on her feet yet, but she is walking 100% of the time now.
Doc Hoffman said she is slightly behind developmentally, but given her prematurity - he's going to give her some time to catch up.
Should she not be on target in 6 months, we'll start talking more.
We all agree that she was probably trying to put all of her brain power in mastering how to walk, and that language and receptive language should develop soon.
She does have a few words.
She'll say "I want", mine, ball, doggy, kitty, mama, and no.
We think she might have said bubbles, and pillow - but aren't sure.

She got her first hair cut about a month ago too.
Her hair was so fine and dry that it would get knotted up super easy, and just kind of float about her head.
We trimmed about 1.5 inches off the back, and it lays much nicer now.
We gave her little baby-doll bangs, and they look darling both forward and swept to the side.

She loves any and all babies/stuffed animals. Most of them are called "Bobbi".
She imitates me when caring for them, and rocks, kisses, and pats them.
It's quite cute.

She also has a love for hair clips, hair bands, and shoes.
She's all girl.
She wears little necklaces, and loves to change her clothes.

She has the most beautiful long lashes, and shows all her emotion through her eyes.
She likes to be cuddled like a baby, and still prefers a bottle over a cup.
She's a tiny little peanut, but has sass and attitude enough for us all.
She's going to give us a run for our money.

Ethan is 2 and 3/4ths.
You never thought you'd start describing age in quarters, until you've had kids.
Ethan is our little man. He talks a mile a minute, and loves to socialize.
His favorite movie is Bolt, PowerRangers, and a compilation of old cartoons.
He is boycotting food, and doesn't eat much unless it involves carbs or chocolate.
He likes all things boys - fighting, basketball, baseball, Spider-Man, Batman, and playing drums.
He is very much a daddy's boy, and loves to do anything his Bumpa, Daddy, or Daniel does.
He's in a bit of a 'chicken' phase right now, and gets anxious about new things, people, bugs, or anything potentially dangerous.
He's wearing 2T clothes, and size 8 shoes.
He is sleeping in his "big boy bear bed" and just starting to show interest in using the potty.
He's a great big brother, and really loves and protects his little sister.
He is a great talker, has many, many words - and understands concepts far beyond what I'd expect.
He is anxious to go to school - and really enjoys seeing his 'friends' any chance he can get.
He says "I love you" in the cutest way - I luff hew.
I love him.

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