Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We are praying that we are given the opportunity for a matching grant and possible no-interest loan to cover what ever remaining costs we have from The Sam & Ellie Adoption Fund through KCC and LifeSong for Orphans.
We are also praying that we can get the house in a better order to bring Olive home (still have to get her space set up, etc.).
We are also praying that we can sell our truck to cover some expenses we have (replacing my computer monitor which is on the fritz and most likely fixing the transmission in our family van) and to drastically cut the amount of funds that we still needed.
And last, we are praying that Olive's social worker will get her paperwork done quickly, that we will be approved quickly, and given a travel date for the end of November.

If all of this happens - it will have to be GOD!


soontobemomof9 said...

Praying with you! I think I mentioned it before... did you list your truck on craigs list? Not sure where you are located, but here things move pretty quickly listed on it. :)

Joanna and David said...

We will pray! My husband and I spent hours on your blogs last night and even more time on Reese's Rainbow. It was impossible not to fall in love with some of those babies. I cannot stop thinking about them. My mind reels with all the details this process involves - I cannot even begin to think how you do it with 2 little ones already - you have truly inspired me to do some soul searching of my own. In my prayers last night I prayed for Olive to sleep well and feel God's love. I prayed for you to be together soon. I also prayed for guidance on what God means for me and my family - I feel that he has shown me your story for a reason and I pray for guidance and understanding on what His plan is. My heart goes out to all those children in need of families. I was a teacher before I had Jet and I was always wishing I could take my students who had bad home-lives home with me! And many of them are in much better hands than the children on Reese's Rainbow. Since having my miracle child - a child with special needs - I have been made aware of the good that has come from what seemed like a bad thing. I want to help others have the same love and chance at happiness as my Jet. He is the best thing I've ever seen! :) I'm not sure what our future holds -but I know with God all things are possible. :) And I wanted to let you know how your family has touched my life. I will be following you guys so keep us updated. :) ~ Joanna, David and Jet Penny

Joanna and David said...

Oh - and i posted down on your "hat fundraiser blog" entry...just in case you didn't see it yet. And i think I emailed you...like I said we were up late looking at EVERYTHING! lol.

And patiently waiting... said...

I will pray as well..and I have been praying! Your daughter is a beautiful little girl with happy little eyes!! I remember her well! God is protecting her as you follow what God is doing for her and your family!! Trust in him!! And know this...J is working very hard to get every detail done that needs to be. It is delicate when she needs to "push" to get things done. I will ask God for a peace for you. That is something I asked for waiting what seems like forever to get our son. God is with you!! I know he is!! His timing is perfect..just sit back and look at ALL he has done so far...no mountain can stop God!!