Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whew! Getting things done!

So, I'm looking at our savings account for Olive, and our budget, and what we need to get done. And I'm pleasantly surprised!
We are going to have the funds to send in our USCIS paperwork, ship our Dossier, and pay for our Dossier translation by this coming Monday!

We are going to be sending in our USCIS application with out our homestudy, but it should be following shortly after. 
And we'll send our Dossier with out our USCIS approval - but it's my understanding that we can just bring that with us when we travel. 

A few requirements we still need for our Dossier (all of which are near attained or easily attained):
1. formal letter stating reasons behind adopting a child - written, waiting for proof reading, and printing
2. Written biography - written, waiting for proof reading, and printing
3. Our Home Study - being written right now
4. State Clearance - waiting to hear if our USCIS fingerprints covers this, or if we need additional (3rd set!) fingerprinting
5. A bank statement - can be printed anytime
6. Deed to our home - looking for it
7. Photographs of our family and home - need printed

Once we get our Home Study, USCIS approval, and Dossier shipped/translated that's it for paperwork until we leave!


Jessica said...

its been a while since I stopped by! sorry, I have been caught up in doing my 2 blogs LOL. I am going to sit and read all new updates you have on Olive, but by this post, seems things are really going well. Also wanted to let you know that there is a post just for Olive on my blog, www.jessica-page.blogspot.com

And patiently waiting... said...

Yay!! I am so happy things are moving right along for you!! It's so exciting! Can't wait to read that you have shipped your dossier!

Jessica said...


check it out Ashley! We love love love! these shirts!

Jessica said...

anymore updates?