Monday, July 13, 2009

Satan Attacks...

We have had someone call CPS on us for some wild allegations that someone manipulated from information shared on my blog.
I consider it a full out attack from Satan on our lives, and it's caused us heartache and frustration.
Thankfully the CPS worker found no reason for concern, and it was a waste of everyone's time.
But, because we're foster parents, we have had to deal with our agency and their procedures revolving situations like that too.
Again, luckily after an hour and a half meeting, explaining our goals, who we are, why we wanted to foster, and why we want to adopt, clearing up the asinine allegations, and explaining where we're at in our lives - things are done.

We've been under serious attack over here - and it's been hard to wade through all the crap Satan's been throwing on us in attempt to throw us off track.
It's been hard at times to stay above surface, and continue to seek God's will.

You think that once you agree to follow God's plan for your life that everything will be all lovely and easy...
but it's not.
Satan doesn't waste his time attacking those that he has already won to complacency, selfishness, and ignorance to their own ineffectiveness to the Kingdom of God.
He attacks the people who are actually letting God move them, and choose to seek Him and do His will first.
He attacks people who are actually doing something FOR God, and not seeking for God to do something for THEM.

I have had to keep reading scripture and sermons, and watch my lovely Joyce Meyer to keep me motivated to persevere and not retreat into the mindset of 'screw it, I'm living for me!' - like it seems a lot of people do.
It's been hard.

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