Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Very precise Cardiology Report

Here is the information about Olive's heart:

Olive has Atrial Septal Defect with moderately significant LD shunt.

No medications were suggested.

No heart surgery was planned.

The next exam is scheduled for 11/13/2009.

That's all the information we've received.

I'm not sure what it means yet - but I'll be researching today :)

A little update about our progress:

We applied for my passport - it should arrive in 3-6 weeks.

We are waiting on our home study report for revision, and finalization.

We are sending in our USCIS paperwork next week.

We're finishing up the last few pieces of paperwork for our Dossier.

We have weddings we're shooting this weekend that are going to keep us very busy.

But we're thankful for them because all profits from them are going towards Olive's adoption.

We are going to be having another garage sale next weekend too.

We are going to be pulling the stuff out every weekend we don't have other obligations in hopes to sell it ALL and make as much money for Olive as we can.

We'd really like to raise all our funds this summer to be able to travel to get her as soon as her country will allow.

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Meredith said...

Hi, I'm about a month behind on some blogs! But 2 of my girls had complete AV Canals, so if you haven't already collected info feel free to email me. mkp1982@hotmail.com

-Meredith (RR)