Friday, July 24, 2009


Tonight's one of those nights that I'm keenly aware that our family is one member short...
We have family in town, and so we're all up really late.
Karl and I, along with the kids, are about to cozy down together in our bed to watch a late night movie and I really wish Olive could be here.
I can literally envision her laying in-between all of us giggling with excitement of the rare treat that is sleeping in mom and dad's bed (for the first part of the night anyway)...
I know that instead of being snuggled with us she's laying alone in a crib that's probably not very comfy, and certainly not filled with people who love her.
I really wish (well, pray really) that God will do something really big and awesome (something GODish) to bring her home quickly.
I do not want to wait one more second that I don't have to.

I'm praying for comfort and content-ness in the process of waiting.
And for finances, and very speedy paperwork processing.
I really don't like knowing that all that stands between my daughter and I is money and bureaucracy, but that's how it is...

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