Monday, April 28, 2008

First Appointment for Evelyn

So my little lady had her first ped. appointment today.
I was worried she wasn't getting enough milk - but she is!
She is 9lbs 1oz now (up 6 oz) and 22 inches (up 1.5 inches!)
Everything is looking good, and Doc says that he thinks that she'll grow out of the "reflux" issue in the next couple weeks.
So that's great!
We tried a bottle a couple days ago, and it was a total No-Go.
But we tried again today, and she took it with no problem!
So, I've begun the joyfulness called pumping.
I am going to attempt to breast feed her 90% of the time, and bottle feed 10%, while pumping a couple times a day as well.
It's in hopes that when I have to leave for longer days shooting weddings, or doing what ever really, that she'll be able to take a bottle.

Ethan would not take a bottle - nope, not ever.
And I was attached at the hip with the boy for at least 7-8 months before I was able to leave him for more than 2 hours.
I hope the situation is different with this one.
Not that I WANT to leave her, but with Ethan it wasn't necessary, and with her, it is.

One thing we did find out is that she's homozygous for Factor V Leiden.
That's the blood clotting disorder that I have.
But, I only have one gene, and she has two.
It was dissapointing to hear. I didn't want her to have to deal with it.
But, unfortunately she does - and more so than I do :(
One fortunate thing is that it's not usually a problem until puberty - so although we have to go to a hemo-specialist for a consult, it most likely won't effect her for a while.

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