Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playing at the Park

Ethan had his first experience at the park the other day.
We walked the opposite way that we normally would on the trail by our house,
and it lead to an elementary school that's only like 3 blocks from us!
We didn't even know it was there!
He totally loved it.
So we went back yesterday with Abbi and Tate, and it was such a blast.
He is totally a Master Walker now.

We have love ducks that live in our "pond" (suppose to be a pool) out back.
They're so cute, and I love watching them swim around all day.
I will post some pictures of them later :)

I have my amnio tomorrow morning -
I was really hoping to go in to a spontaneous labor beforehand,
so that way I wouldn't have to have it.
But it doesn't look like that's happening.
Then baby girl on Friday morning!
(assuming all goes well)
If her lungs aren't mature and we have to wait, I just might die.

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