Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brotherly love.

So my little princessy-girl (not sure where I came up with that, but that's what I call her),
has turned out to be much more particular than Ethan ever was.
It's been a real challenge to give both of them adequate attention and balance all my other duties.
I of course (try to) put my kids first, so I'm really learning the value of nap time!!!!
If I am not frantically trying to get everything done, I am sooooo out!
I haven't slept that hard since the first trimester with Evie.
Evelyn is growing so quickly - she's starting to perk up and act like a new born instead of sleep all day.
Here are some pictures of her chubby little face :)

IMG_9599 copy
IMG_9606 copy

She also had her first bath, and oh boy did she love it!
She literally fell asleep a minute after I put her in.
We totally skipped the baby bath tub stuff, and just stuck her right in with me.


Ethan has turned in to a monster-lover. He is constantly trying to "help" with the baby.
Sometimes it's not so helpful though - haha. Have you ever seen a 16 month old try and hold a new born?
How about pat her and shove a binki down their throat?
While all in love, it's pretty intense :)
But, I am so glad that he hasn't seemed to be jealous or aggressive.
Karl and I intentionally spaced their ages out to what we thought would work best for everyone...
and everyone told us we were nuts.
Although I'm insanely busy, I think it was the best timing for our kids.
We haven't had any problems with Ethan at all - and thank God because I don't think I could handle sibling rivalry on top of everything else!


Other than the normal babysitting, design work, photo stuff, kid stuff....
We're preparing for a garage sale. Holy cow do we have a lot of junk!
We just cleaned out the garage on Sunday, and it felt sooooo good!
Now we have to clean out our other house's garage... yikes!
And our other house's attic.... should be fun! I have no idea how we're going to accomplish that..
But none the less I am the opposite of a pack-rat. And LOVE getting all this stuff out!
Spring cleaning... mmmmhmm.

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