Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a long week...

Thanksgiving week was long - but really nice. Karl's uncles from Oregon were here for the weekend before, and it was nice to see family that you don't see often. My grandparents and parents was chaos per usual - but I wouldn't have it any other way. We got to tell every one that we're having a girl, which was really fun! When we got home from our weekend in Indiana, Collin and Ciara (and their too cute roommate) came by for a bit, and I loved chatting with them about what's new in their life.... So all in all it was busy, but GREAT!

Now I've had some down time to just relax (before our next super busy phase, more on that later) and think...
I'm realizing how content I am this time around being pregnant. I'm not glorifying my "months" by always jumping to the next one higher (I personally think you're only tricking yourself. I am 18 weeks and 4 days exactly), I'm not dwelling on symptoms (in fact I'm enjoying them - as much as one can), I'm not wearing maternity clothes, and hyper-extending my belly to look bigger (..people do that). I'm not concerned with due dates, or my high-risk complications. I'm not dwelling on every fetal movement, or lack of. Every pre-natal test, and ultrasound.... I'm just happy. I'm happy to be pregnant. I'm not in a rush to get it over with. I'm content in the fact that the Lord will take care of me and Evelyn-to-be. All of these things were not so with Ethan, and it probably wasn't healthy. But, my anxiety did drive me to learn a lot - and that's probably what's enabled me to be so content with this baby... it's good. God is good.

As the before mentioned: we have a busy phase coming up. We're painting the nursery, moving Ethan in to it, removing layers of wall paper from Ethan's room, painting his room, moving him back, setting up Evie's nursery, getting wall paper down from our room, painting our room, getting family pictures... hopefully just in time for Christmas (very busy with our 4 places we have to be) then new years, then Ethan's first birthday party in Indiana, then his second-first birthday in Michigan and that brings us to the middle of January. Can you believe it! Time is flying! I don't know how we do it all!

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