Friday, November 16, 2007

will we find out?

My full diagnostic ultrasound has been moved up a week to this Monday. I have ants in my pants! I will only be 17.5 weeks - so I'm not quite sure if we'll find out the gender this time... but here's to hoping! Being the research nut that I am, medical studies with a transabdominal ultrasound with "decent" equipment (level II, the perinatal office I go to has top notch) after week 14 with a fetus in favorable position, they were able to correctly identify approximately 85%. Considering the quality of ultrasound equipment, and our past experience with the sonographers, and finding out that Ethan was a boy at 17w5d - we're praying we'll know in a few short days! Will it be Owen or Evelyn (or Olivia - that's the name I want, but Karl's currently not budging).

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