Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shut ins...

So, Ethan and I hid in the dark watching TV and cuddling during Halloween this year - attempting to ward off trick-or-treaters...
Karl was at a party with his D-group guys and I wasn't even about to attempt to handle the dogs and the baby by myself... So, no cute pictures of Ethan in a cute little costume. I wish, but next year.

Speaking of Ethan, I can't believe my baby is just 9 weeks away from being ONE! I know that sounds like a long time, but it goes way faster than you think. But, I'm not sad - in fact the longer he's around, the more deeply in love I fall with him. He's such an amazing little boy, and I love watching all his little silly things come out in his personality... the best is when he leans in to give you a hug... Ohhhh... my boy.

So, I had another prenatal appointment today - and I'm yet again growin' a big one. Measuring 18 weeks at 14w5d. My dreams of a VBAC started slowly slipping away after talking with the midwife about it. But, I'm still praying for it - and will have a formal consultation on the issue after my next ultrasound. A little over 3 weeks until we (hopefully) find out the baby's gender.. yay!

One thing I am thankful for during this pregnancy, and changing care providers, is that I'm not being treated like a high-risk pregnancy - or at least not as much as I was last time. I have to have more ultrasounds, and more testing, but I only have to go in every 3-4 weeks like normal pregnancies (with Ethan it was every 2 for the first half, and every week until the 3rd trimester, and then TWICE! a week until delivery)... I guess although the circumstances aren't any different as far as risk - being treated more normal makes me feel more normal, hence less stressed out. It's good. I like my midwife.

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