Monday, November 12, 2007

Ethan had his 10 month ped appointment today...
He weighed in at a whopping 21lbs! My chunk-a-love!
We've been struggling with him throwing things off of tables
(today he shattered a glass candle - scary!)
and we got some great, and reassuring advice on "discipline" for our little bugger.
Reassuring because Doc H. said is totally normal for his age to be "testing" us, and it's not a sign of defiance, or purposeful disobedience on his part - but more just feeling things out... figuring out what's ok and what's not.
Being that we don't agree with the whole spanking thing at this age (also strongly discouraged by Doc. H) he suggested a firm "no" or "don't touch", and whisking him to a "naughty spot" for 30 seconds to a minute of "alone time" (aka glorified way of saying time-out) after a warning.
So, let's hope this helps! It's not a HUGE deal at home, but I doubt if you had us over you'd want our little angel throwing your things across the room :)
Other than that, he had his poor toe annihilated, poking him for blood work, and a flu shot to boot... I hate hearing him scream like that...

After our appointment, we came home to a pleasant surprise invitation to dinner with Kasey's family. Thank you Kasey - it was amazing! Which was such a blessing, because I was dreading the idea of cooking tonight. It was such a lovely time, I love all the Simon hugs, and Amelia - ooh I could just eat her up! Ethan was in a mood after a skipped nap, and his lovely shots so we didn't get the amazingly cute play-time pictures I had hoped. But, I did get a picture of my kid being a bully haha. So here's that.

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