Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A second car...

Well tomorrow marks the end of an era in my life...
I am officially done baby-sitting after tomorrow evening.
I am very excited about spending more quality time with my kids.

We bought a mini-van the other day.
It's a 97 Doge Caravan, and it's truly a mini van with only a 4 cylinder engine.
It's much better than our 12mpg Suburban for driving around town.

Not having to babysit, and having a second car is going to be amazing.
I just know it.


rachaeldear said...

i'm trying to do the same as far as eliminating fast food... do you have any suggestions? i'm totally in that spot where i feel like my body is 'craving' steak n shake cheeseburgers... it's tough!

Ashley Malefyt said...

karl and I just try and hold each other accountable when one of us have a craving - it' easier to say 'No' when it's not your craving ;) but we don't do so well when we both have a craving at the same time, or when we're alone in the car.... so I'm with you - it's tough!