Monday, September 15, 2008

So, somethings to note:

My parents came to church with us today! (not church goers) and actually liked it! We had dinner at my house afterwards with the in-laws and my parents. I made salmon, tilapia, habanero poppers (home grown), friend green tomatoes (home grown), salads (home grown), and Tim brought awesome home made bread, and a ton of salad fixings. We ate well, and surprisingly the habanero poppers were really good, and didn't give me a stomach ache like I expected. We also had "church" and watched a nooma together as a family - Noise. It was really good.

My dad is starting at Millbrook filling in for Karl as he has his first day at the middle school tomorrow. It's guaranteed to him for only one week, but we're hoping with good impressions, hard work, and a lot of prayer maybe it'll turn in to something long-term for him. He really needs a respectable long-term job.

There have been a lot of reminders lately to be thankful for life - especially with our children and family. A little boy drowned, and another died from a fever induced seizure. Both in extended circles (didn't know them personally), and around 18 months old - gut wrenching. A friends child making their way in to a busy street, friends who lost their children in early pregnancy. Another friend whose just gotten word their 20 week old child (in utero) has spina bifida. My grandpa's sister dying unexpectedly of a heart attack (in her 60's), and my grandma's sister dying unexpectedly of brain cancer (also 60's). All in the past few weeks....
So next time your child is having a tantrum, or your sister pisses you off - give them an extra hug and thank God that he's letting you be with them, even for just one more day...

In other news, Evelyn is 5 months! Guh - can you believe it!? She's totally teething, and is constantly bathing in her own spit. I'm just waiting for her to wake up one morning with a mouth full of teeth for how much she's chewing and slobbering!

And I got to take a 2.5 hour nap today!

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