Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He's still employed!

I totally hit the jack pot at Once Upon A Child today.
I got so many cute winter things for my kids, for so cheap, it's not even funny.
This is literally the first time I've had to go shopping for my kids since they've been born because we've always used hand-me-downs. But, for once we actually don't have enough to get us through the winter for Ethan.
So I got to go shopping.... and well little girl's clothes are so cute, I couldn't help myself.
It's so exciting to buy your kids clothes! I know it sounds cheesy, but I've never done it before!

On to something less fun...
So every one who marries, marries the blessings and curses of the in-laws right?
So, I've officially decided that one of the curses I've married in to is the Malefyt's bad luck with cars.
You mention cars to any Malefyt, and the first thing they'll say is "I hate cars"....
because it seems like no matter what kind of car any of them buy - they'll have problems with it.
Well, in true fashion our car has stopped working again.
Our fuel pump's completely out.
This is probably the 6th time since Karl and I have been dating that one of our cars completely pooped on us.
So, we're carless - yes completely, since we share a car.

Even more bummer - Karl's going backpacking this weekend and leaving me with the kids, and no car all weekend!

But once again I am reminded of that verse after I got an awesome phone call from Karl this morning...
He's keeping his job! FOR SURE!
They have moved the middle school manager to the High School,
and they've moved Karl to the Middle school (over the next couple weeks),
and he's going to keep his job for as long as he'd like it!
Of course there is still the stress of a new(ish) job - but I am so happy he's got one!

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