Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two dresses...

I have made two dresses I'd like to sell.
I am still practicing, and honing my skills... so I'm going to sell them for what they cost to make, plus $4 for my time.
They're both Dress-to-Shirt styles that I am trying to tweak - so the deal is that I'd really like to get some feedback on them.
I'm attempting to make a pattern that fits loosely as a dress at first, but then fits as a tighter shirt later.
I've already decided on some changes, but would still like some feedback.
The first one is a size 2T, and the second is roughly 3-6M
I'd like $7 for both of them, and a chance to take pictures of your kiddo in them if anyone is interested...
Pictures soon.


rachaeldear said...

if i had a kid, i would snatch up that pink one.

jenny mae. said...


jenny mae. said...

oh, sorry i should have clarified. the 2T one. do you have paypal?