Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Non-babysitting life is bliss.
I have so much time it's awesome!
I cleaned my kitchen and laundry/bathroom area top to bottom today and it felt so good!
I have had a "tidy" house (not cluttered or anything) but not a very *clean* house in a long time.
I love the way my sink looks after scrubbing it with bleach and baking soda...

So, what's new...
I put the kids in cloth diapers full time now.
I broke down and bought some.
Every time I'd make some they'd grow, and they'd be too small.
So, I got a bunch of "one size" diapers, meaning that they'll fit any size kid, because of the snap-system on them.
I really like them!
They're worth a small fortune, but it's so worth it in the long run with how much we'll save in diapering costs.

As far as fostering, we got all of our paperwork in.
Our social worker said our references came in, and that our driving records came in fine too.
Now we're waiting on our full background checks... assuming that those come back clean (they should..) then we will do our interviews.
I know we'll be totally fine for the interviews, but I am a little worried about our house.
We bought it as a foreclosure, so it needs work.
And I'm hoping they'll see it as the work-in-progress that it is...

Ethan is in a total word-boom.
He's talking up a storm.

Evelyn has completely grown out of her fussy stage, and is so amazingly cute!
She's starting to look like a baby now, instead of a newborn.
And she's really growing right now.
She spent her first 1/2 night in her own bed (in our room still though) earlier this week and slept for like 4 hours uninterrupted!
I'm not quite ready to let her out of my bed full time though...
I just love baby snuggles!

Ethan is a whole new man now that he's not competing for mom's and Abbi's attention.
He is so lovey, and cuddly, and has had a total attitude make over...
I'm loving it!

I love having time to do the things that I want to do, and enjoy doing.
And I'm hoping that I'll get to enjoy my beloved friends more now too...

Things are well,
Thanks to the Lord!

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