Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, another doc appt today.

Ultrasound shows there's not more or less fluid.

NST's haven't been quite as reassuring as they had hoped, not emergency scary, but some-what concerning.

Luckily again last minute, after some apple juice and a lot of shaking (literally) she showed them what they wanted to see. I was getting worried again.

The doc said that at this point there is no point in stopping my labor if I were to go in to labor - because the risk of not stopping the labor isn't greater than allowing the pregnancy to continue on. (even though I'm only 35 1/2 weeks)

He said he wouldn't be surprised if I go in to labor before my c-section, and if I do, he won't allow me to do a VBAC.

It would be too risky with everything going on. So, if I do end up going in, thinking I'm in labor - and they have reason to suspect I may be in labor as well - I will have an "emergency" c-section right then.

So I'm kind of a sitting duck for the next 16 days. But at least it's only 16 days!

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