Monday, March 17, 2008

A love I can only give him.

So, I've anxiously been awaiting to hear what the Doc had to say at my appointment today...
And of course, I didn't get much.
He literally said "your situation is sufficiently complicated enough, that I'd have to talk to MFM before I answer those questions"...... AH! (I had a million)

But - He is going to have a meeting with them about my "situation" tomorrow and hopefully call me by Wednesday at the latest to give me some more information.

We did get a lot of talking done about the more minimal situations, ie: pain, sleeplessness, breathing issues.
I've been given a tranquilizer - not joking - in a very small dose to take every day to loosen my muscles so I"m not cramped up all day, and to calm the braxton hicks; and apparently this should help me sleep and breathe better too.

We'll see!
I'm willing to try anything right about now.

One fun thing I got to do today was buy Evie's coming home outfit!!!
TWO actually! and SHOES!!!
One a little smaller and one a little bigger - cause you never know!
I'm known to birth some big babies, so for all I know she might come out a toddler! ;)
Karl and I were dying over every single cute dress and baby shoes there were....
We're so ready. (emotionally)
I do have to say there is something that this little girl has, that no other baby could,
that has made Karl in to a big pile of love-mush.... it's so cute!
I can't wait to see him, see her, for the first time.
I love that only I can give that to him!

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