Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crazy Pregnancy!

Okay my life is officially the craziest it's ever been.

So, I go in for an ultrasound earlier this week and here's what comes of that:
1. She's re-confirmed as a girl. that's good!
2. Anatomically everything is looking great. She's head down and low.
3. Her cord is over her shoulder - not necessarily good or bad.
4. She has a TON of hair - it was floating in the amniotic fluid! Yay!
5. She's swallowing and breathing regularly - good sign of lung maturity (or at least getting there).
6. She's measuring ahead of course, at 6 POUNDS 1 OUNCE!!!! (avg. baby at this time is 4.5lbs) So that means she has macrosomia (fancy word for way too big)
7. My fluid levels are way high. my AFI is 37. Normal is 15-17. A little high is up to 24. Anything over 30 is seriously high. So that means that I am diagnosed with polyhydramnios, a severe case.
So I ask what exactly that all means and I get all kinds of "beat around the bush" answers, and "I am not a doctor, so I can't really say" responses from the US tech. I thought I had an appointment with the OB after, but I didn't. But, I'm concerned so I ask to speak to a doctor. But, they're all too busy... UGH!
So, I have to wait until Monday.

So, the next day I have to go in to the doctors office because of breathing problems. I've been complaining for about 3 weeks now that I seriously can not breathe and feel like I'm going to pass out all the time. They brush it off as "part of pregnancy". So, now that I'm diagnosed with too much fluid all the sudden they care - and they send me over to the hospital for testing. (Mind you I had to leave during the middle of the day for this, so Karl had to come home from work to watch the kids that I babysit) I sit in the hospital for 3-4 hours, they do all kinds of tests. Here's what comes of that:

1. I do not have gestational diabetes for sure. I do not have anemia. I have hypoglycemia.
2. I have dangerously LOW blood pressure.
3. The baby is doing fine, biophysical profile, and NST are great.
4. I am having "uterine irritations" and contractions due to my uterus being over-distended. (I am to look out for regular contractions, leakage, or full on water breakage. I am also to pay attention to any bleeding especially carefully. I guess that I am at risk for Pre-Term Labor and uterine rupture because I'm just "too full" and my uterus being previously scarred might not be able to handle it.)
5. I have been diagnosed with a condition called "air hungry". Hence why I keep feeling like I can't breathe. How it works is that since the baby is so big, and I am at where I'm at in my pregnancy my progesterone levels are super high. That combined with the fact that my uterus is literally causing my lungs to get squished - it's tripping a sensor in my brain that makes my body react like it's not breathing, even though it is. Hence the dizziness, gasping for air, etc. There is nothing at all they can do for me.

So, I ask what can be done for my symptoms: NOTHING! AAAHH!

I ask what all this means, if she could give me more information, if there was anything at all I can do to be more comfortable or keep my fluid from getting higher, or her from growing unnecessarily big....


I hate this!
So that's what I'm to sit with thinking about over the weekend until Monday afternoon where I'll be lucky to get some answers!
I am so sick of being pregnant!

(Not because I can't handle it but because I hate not being in control and knowing what's going on)

On the other hand, we got a 4D ultrasound. My girl is so beautiful!
Actually it's crazy how much she looks like Ethan!

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