Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Will she be early?

So, I got a phone call from the doc today.
They are concerned about me going in to labor early - and say they'd like me to be sensitive to that.
They are also concerned about the fluid causing the baby distress...
So I have to go in for NST's and checks every 5-6 days now.
A total pain in the butt when you have 1 car, you watch kids, and your husband has to leave work for every appt.
But, if it's to keep the baby safe - of course I'll do it.

If any of the next four NST's come out even the least bit negative I will have an emergency C-section.
If not we're still scheduled for the 11th.
So here's to that! The next 23 days should be interesting and very busy!

I have:
2 photo shoots,
2 Designs to finish,
3 photo sessions to edit, and print
4 NSt's
3 OB appts
Plus babysitting everyday! up until my Amnio/C-section!

Not to mention getting stuff ready for this baby - we have nothing done!

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