Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Change of plans?

So, I was suppose to have my license by Friday, or Monday - and I called my SW yesterday to check in...
No call back.
We also fell in love with a "waiting child" online - and called to find out if that's ok - and if it is, how we would go about it...
No call back.
I looked through our licensing rules, and it says in our contract that we won't pursue any other child with out the permission of DAB.
I talked to the SW of the little boy we're interested in, and she seemed eager to see our home study, and we are excited to pursue him, but have to move quickly if we're going to ---
Still haven't received any calls today.
I hate the whole "hurry up and then wait" aspect of everything.
Hopefully we'll hear something soon because I'm going nutty.


So, just as I finished typing this - I talk to my social worker
We got the go-ahead to pursue the little boy.
I didn't mention that he was in FL because I didn't think it was important. There are laws restricting bias due to location.
So, I got all excited, called the Adoption SW and asked about the situation.
Then, big let down, our agency does not do out of state adoptions, unless they're private adoptions (big $$)
So, I call the social worker in FL and she says to see if I can get a Home Study from the State, and that every state legally has to have an option for a free home study for adoption out of foster care. But, it could take 4-6 months, and by then he would most likely have another family.

But, we were advised by the adoption SW here that we should move forward and get a license for adoption from them just incase. She said they're matching all the time - but that most children under 5 are adopted by their foster families.
So, I guess the rout we're already traveling is the most likely way to add to our family.
I think we will still do the adoption home study anyway, just in case.
But that's that.

So we wait....
She said our license should have been here by now, and will be very surprised if it isn't by the end of the week.
We're going to continue to get licensed as SNAP adoptive parents through DAB.

Our SW suggested we look at Mi waiting children if we're going to go through DAB.
So we did, and there was a sibling group of 3 that pulled on our heart strings.
3 yr old boy, and 2 year old twins, one boy one girl.

Karl's prayed about it, and wants to move on them. So, I've called and left a message.
Of course no call back yet.
But, we'll get there at some point.
It would be 5 under 3 for us, so I'm not sure they'll allow it - but we'll see.

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