Friday, December 26, 2008

A blessed Christmas...

We have had the most blessed (busy) Christmas EVER!
My future prodigy got (two!) drum sets!
Karl and I got a weekend away at Bay Pointe Inn
I got gift certificates to get my hair done, to Schuler's, and Old Navy and Meijer.
Karl got gift certificates to Meijer for beer only, Guitar Center, and a backpacking tent.
We got night stands, storage, and lamps from IKEA that match our bed frame.
The kids got loads and loads of toys, including a child-sized guitar, storage/organizers, Evie's first kitchen and babydoll, pushing, and riding toys, trucks, and books galore.
Oh, and Karl got a pair of grown up footie pajamas that are sock monkey!
As if that weren't enough, my parents got me a diamond circle necklace, and a beautiful ring with diamonds for those few and far between occasions when I dress up.
I am not one that gets wrapped up in materialism, but how could you not get excited about that!
We have just been so blessed, I feel like kissing everyone.
We had a lovely weekend with family, ate til we nearly burst, and are drowning in the after-math of un-boxing all the toys for my ever impatient boy.

Speaking of impatience - we are STILL waiting on our foster license!
Can you believe it!?
Our licensing worker doesn't know what the hold up is - Lansing is being super slow.
She's inquired what the deal is - so hopefully we'll here something soon.
We were expecting to have kids here by now, so we're just twiddling our thumbs, waiting on God's perfect timing.

What a great time of year.

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