Monday, August 20, 2007

no baby?

The ultrasound did not turn out as we had hoped.
It is possible that I have a blighted ovum.
Which is basically a pregnancy with a fetal sac but with out a normally developing baby.
Which would mean I'll miscarry soon...
Or it is possible that we are not near as far along as we thought - and it was just too early to see the baby in the sac due to the fact that it's not developed enough yet.
I am having testing done over this week, and we'll know later for sure which it is.
But, my maternal instincts since the day I took the test was that something wasn't "quite right".. everyone told me that everything would be fine, but I just couldn't "shake it"... So, I suppose in an odd way I wasn't surprised when the midwife told me the news...
What ever God wants will happen, we know that - but please pray that we'll be okay either way.. baby or no baby...

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