Thursday, August 2, 2007


So, it's really hard to find time to keep things updated!
A few larger things:
1. Karl and I are moving (most likely) to Greenville. We want to purchase a Church that's been converted in to a house out on 10 mile. It's 4,000 square feet, 1.5 Acres, with a sanctuary attached - that's currently set up as a professional recording studio. It requires a lot of work. But, it could be our 'forever' home, and I'm excited. Our LAST move! After what, 4 in 4 years?! Any way, we'll be renting this place out for a year - hoping to sell next year when the market breaks.
2. I turned 21 this past weekend. I spent it on a lake with my family. I actually was pretty sick most of the time flu and mastitis! Yeah! I was probably the only person who turned 21 sober... but that's okay. I still had a great and mostly relaxing time.
3. ETHAN IS CRAWLING! I know - shut up, right?! I can't believe it. He just started crawling today like it was no big deal and he'd been doing it forever... It's amazing. Just over 6 1/2 months old! My baby boy! He's mobile! and way way way too cute.
Oh... and Karl and I have been together 4 years today... Went fast!
So, I'm currently trying to repaint the whole house and front porch, replace the kitchen floor, and carpeting up stairs with Strep and a mobile, possibly teething (again) baby, and an over worked husband.... It's REAL fun around here...

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