Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A different house...

Good news...
My hcg levels came back double and plus after 48 hours.
hcg is the 'pregnancy chemical' - it's what urine and blood tests detect. In early pregnancy the levels should double every 48 hours to indicate a normally progressing pregnancy. Since we couldn't see much on the ultrasound, the only other indicator of the viability (until a later ultrasound is preformed) is hcg levels.
And thank God they came back well, and in normal range! So, we're not completely out of the woods until we see a heartbeat on the screen, but that is step one! So, we are very happy about that.
Second bit - our offer was accepted on our "dream house"...
We were going to move out to the country (aka Lowell - ha!) but the realtor and loan officer ended up being a little iffy, and beyond pushy. So we backed out. Even if we didn't, the house didn't appraise - so we couldn't buy it for the price they were pushing us in to any how. Thank God (again).
So, we were looking for another place and fell in love with a foreclosure on Poinsettia, a mere 2.7 miles from Karl's work. It's an incredible deal - we've settled on $45,000 less than it's assessment in 2004. Which is AWESOME! The next best part is that it's in this incredibly wooded area of a really nice neighborhood. Our lot has trees galore, and an in-ground liner pool.. exciting! Although the pool will probably be too expensive to run for a couple of years, it's there waiting! Another positive is that there is a bike/walking trail that is about 3 blocks from our house, along with a park! God is so awesome... He's brought us to this amazing house (amongst other things, obviously) and we're praying that everything goes okay. With the house and the pregnancy.

Some of my favorite features: The pool and back yard, a master bath!!!! and the cathedral ceilings!

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