Thursday, December 7, 2006


So, Karl and I had our ultrasound today (it was rescheduled from Monday), and unfortunately we're not going to be induced. But, fortunately the high fluid levels and calcifications on the placenta they were worried about haven't gotten any worse, and the baby is doing great, so I suppose it's a good thing too. I am just SOOOOO ready to get this baby out!

As far as Ethan goes, he's already 8LBS 2OZ, and they're estimating he'll be about 9 1/2-10lbs at birth if we go full term (because he's growing so quickly). We're measuring at 39wks 2days according to this ultrasound (keep in mind they do not change your due date), which is 2 weeks ahead per usual. The nurses tell me it looks like it will be any day now, but the doctors are more reluctant to talk about it. All they will tell me is that I am effacing and the baby's head is pressing firmly against my cervix causing me to have "uterine irritations" (sorry to those of you who this is TMI - it saves me from having to tell 20 people the same thing). The ultrasound also shows that he has a relatively thick layer of fat around his belly and head; the ultra-sound tech even called him "pudgy" be on the look out for a fat chunk-of-love soon.

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