Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Settling Down a bit...

Things are starting to get more in to a routine around here - but there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time to really get caught up fully!
Olive had her follow up appointment from the hospitalization the other day, and the Doc said that she is just fine - and just needs to gain some weight.
She gained the 2lbs that she lost while in the hospital, and is back at 18lbs. He said she needs to hit about the 25lb mark before we can stop worrying about her gaining more weight.
We have her PT Evaluation this Thursday at DeVos Children’s Out Patient Center. They said that they would submit it to our insurance and hope for the best. So, we’re really hoping they’ll cover it.
Unfortunately our insurance is changing in April to a high-deductible plan, so we’re seeing other ways to insure her - to make sure that she is able to get all the best services that she needs.

She is definitely starting to show preference for us, and wanting to enjoy her siblings.
She is starting to seem much more comfortable and happy with her new routine.
She really enjoys cuddling and always wants to be held and entertained... which is a good thing.

She’s definitely going to be stubborn. She already shows signs of being stubborn at the therapy sessions she’s already had, and when I try and encourage her to crawl, sit up straight, or bear weight on her legs. She is just like her mama and doesn’t want to do things just because she’s told ;)

We love her, and I am so thankful to God that he brought her in to our family.

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