Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 month from Gotcha Day!

I can’t believe that it has been 1 month since we brought our little princess home to our apartment in Europe!
Oh my, does time fly!

Olive had her first of many therapy evaluations.
We are so blessed to live only 20 minutes away from an excellent children’s hospital who has wonderful out patient therapy service - and they even valet your car for free!
Olive tolerated the evaluation MUCH better than I had thought she would.
We were suggested to do joint compressions every 2 hours, to encourage her to rise up to her knees as often as we can while correcting her wide gate, and just try to keep her mobile.
They are going to try hip huggers, and a some sort of sensory vest next time.
We have her PT,OT, & Speech evals at the local public school provided service, Ken-O-Sha this coming monday and we have her OT & Speech/Feeding evals the following monday.
We sold our second vehicle to help finance her adoption a while ago, and so it’s definitely tough getting to all of the appointments with one car - I’m so thankful that my dad has been helping out a lot! And also very thankful that we have WONDERFUL friends that have been brining us meals every other day since we’ve been home from the hospital.
It’s such a HUGE blessing to not have to worry about what’s for dinner after such a long day.
I am sure that soon it will just feel routine to take care of all three kiddos, keep up with the house, have dinner on the table, and keep up with all the paperwork and appointments... but it’s quite tiring for right now.
Adding a second car is definitely going to help.

Olive has been having a lot of yucky diapers and some reflux issues with her thickened pediasure - does anyone have any suggestions? It was just fine to start - but it’s just started to be a problem this week...
I will hopefully get some direction from speech and feeding next week - but was hoping to figure something out before then..

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week!
I sure had a blessed day when I came home to a clean house from hubby!
God is good!

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