Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Can you tell that Olive and her sister have a special bond?
Every day at some point, Olive and Evelyn will spend time cuddling and rolling around on the floor.

Evelyn likes to treat Olive as if she is her baby, and is a very good ‘mama’ to her... and luckily Olive tolerates it pretty well.

Olive is at 21.1 lbs now! That’s 6 weeks since we were in the hospital at 16lbs. and 5lbs of weight!
You can just see that she’s getting so much bigger, and stronger..

Olive will start all of her therapies in the next couple weeks as soon as insurance comes through, and will have a hearing test again with an ENT to determine if she really has the suspected hearing loss her first test suggests.

We’re all doing pretty well over here - and I’ll have some more pictures to put up soon!

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