Monday, December 14, 2009

To bring, or not to bring?

I am in a serious internal debate on wether or not we should bring our kids with us...


Our facilitator seems to strongly suggest that we leave the kids at home.
I obviously greatly respect her input - and we are taking her opinion under serious consideration.
It's looking like we are going to try and make arrangements to leave them at home.
It is a stressful process according to our facilitator for both her, and us - and we want to make things as easy and smooth as possible for all of us.


We have been able to make arrangements for the kids to stay back with my parents.
I am very sad to not bring them with - but with so many people advising against it - and our facilitator strongly suggesting that we not bring them due to H1N1 - we are going to opt to leave them home.


MaybeMama said...

It is a very hard decision. I will pray for wisdom and peace in making this decision.

I was reading on the board all the reasons people were giving for not bringing them. They make good points, BUT.... only you are qualified to make this decision for your family. You know your children and yourself best. Only you know whether or not having them stay behind will be a problem.

I can say that if/when we travel to adopt again, I will be bringing my youngest with me. I know him well enough to know that having him stay behind for 3 weeks or more is not in his best interest. Of course, he is adopted himself and has dealt with abondonment issues and separation anxiety. So, for him... not an option. We did leave our older children at home when we adopted him. We were in Kazakhstan for 3 weeks. That was my limit! Anything more and I would not have been able to take being away from them. (they seemed to do just fine though) They were older though, ages 10 and 12, at the time.

Missy said...

I tend to say "bring them", especially if you have an adult helper, but since they are SO young, I think it would be best to not bring them... They won't remember the trip, and they'll be far better off at home in their usual routine. Of course, that's just my 2 cents. I know you'll make the right decision for your family!! :o)

P.S. Thanks for the invite to the blog!

Leah and Tony Beasley said...

I am in the Ukraine right now and I only brought a few of my kids. If I had brought them all I would not be nearly as homesick as I am. I will never travel without them again. You have to think to that you only get to spend a few hours a day with your new baby. The rest of that time you have to try to find things to make time pass. Having your kids with you can really help make time go faster and give you things to do. So I for sure say Bring The Kids with you!!!! The Beasleys