Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The list never ends ;)

It seems like no matter how many hurdles we jump - they just keep comin'!
I am so thrilled that we are fully funded.
But, now I'm wondering how do we go about getting those funds released...
Our matching grant though Lifesong for Orphans releases funds for qualified adoption expenses, and I believe that we have to give them a receipt first.
Problems is that we have $4,400 in grant money with them, and I don't believe we have that many receipts! Eek.
It seems that the majority of our expenses don't occur until we're in country.
And the expenses we do have before we travel are for things like gifts.... hmm...

And I know it seems like the budget for gifts is exuberant.
But they're not optional.
We did receive an updated list of what to make sure we bring from our facilitator - and there are a TON of gifts for different people on there...

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