Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some days are up and some are down..

I am having sort of a down day.
Probably because I'm exhausted from painting a dining room table, sealing it, and painting our dining room all by myself in 24 hours!
Talk about nesting. LOL.
And not to mention we're just shy of hitting the 9 month mark - and I'm feeling that 'ready to be done' feeling I felt with both my pregnancies.

But, I'm going to combat my longing with gratitude.

I am SO thankful people who have chosen to support the Kingdom and our daughter with their finances and prayers.
We are SO thankful for the people who have given us encouragement.
We are SO especially thankful to Shelley, our coordinator, and Jasmina, our facilitator - who put in many, many hours and a lot of patience and work to make our adoption happen.
And thankful to God for his provision for our lives.

OH and for Sarah and Jon who have so gracefully included us in their adoption trip by thinking of us and giving us little tid-bits about Olive through out the week. It means SO much to know little bits about her day while we're waiting.

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