Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pseudo Update

We are planning on sending our dossier over to Eastern Europe this Thursday!
Eek! It's so exciting just typing that.

I asked for a rough idea of "what's next" and this how I understand it:
We will wire over a translation fee and our dossier Thursday.
In the next couple weeks, a lovely woman will be translating our documents for us.
Once that's done, she will submit our documents to the adoption officials.
Then the facilitator will get in touch with Olive's social worker - and see how long it will take her to get all of Olive's paperwork ready to be adopted.
At that point we will have a better idea of when we'll be able to travel.

The estimate at this point puts us traveling the end of November or Beginning of December according to our wonderful state-side coordinator.

The way I understood it was that they wouldn't allow people to travel late November or later...
So, I've emailed back asking for clarification.
But, the idea that we could be 7 to 10 weeks out from seeing our daughter just tickles me pink!

And it gets better yet - another mom is traveling to adopt her little boy in the same orphanage that Olive's in and she got to see her!
I wasn't expecting it - but she might be able to get me a photo of Olive tomorrow!
I love knowing any little bit of information I can get about our little doll face, and a picture is like heaven.
I asked Tammy how Olive looked, because she always seems so pale and frail in her pictures.. and she said that she didn't look pale, and she was just laying there in her crib looking at her talk to the facilitator in the doorway.

It just dawned on me that if we travel in that time-frame, our process would have taken 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 months - the same as a pregnancy! Strange, considering I've always said that (albiet cliche) were pregnant on paper & compared our process to a pregnancy.


Amy L said...

I'm very excited for you! It won't be long now!


You are getting so close now!!
Olive is one beautiful little girl!