Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is it possible?

Is it even possible?!

While attending the "your church and the orphan" conference today, I ran in to our homestudy social worker...

While she was asking me about where we were in our process, I explained that the main thing we were waiting for (aside from finances, of course) was USCIS approval of our I-600A... And she proceeds to tell me that all the sudden her families are waiting 4-6 weeks instead of the previously quoted 90+ days.

Do you know what that means?!?

That means that we might be able to travel this fall still! At least it's a heck of lot more likely!

It made my day!

I now have a fire under my butt to get this paperwork done and get the finances in order to prepare to leave this fall (if its God's will).

I'm excited, hopeful, anxious, scared, and eager to see how everything unfolds!

I had the sweetest dream of Olive the other day that refreshed my love and commitment to her, and it was such a blessing!

I am so nervous about leaving my other two babies, but so anxious to embrace my other baby in eastern Europe.

Hopefully we can have our dossier done and sent off by the end of the week, and some grant applications too.

And who knows, maybe in a month or two we could be kissing the sweet cheeks of our chromosomally enhanced angel!

God is so good! Amen!

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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

praying along the journey with you as we journey too! I pray you have success with grants. Let me know which ones you have found :) I can't wait to see her in your arms! Praying approval comes soon!